Functions of the General Radio Frequency Centre:

  • perform evaluations of the use of radio electronic facilities and their EMC with operating and/or planned radio electronic facilities and issue evaluation findings;
  • perform EMC calculations for radio electronic facilities, including foreign systems, in order to evaluate them for EMC with radio electronic facilities of the Russian Federation;
  • work to define procedures for international coordination of radio frequency assignments and/or the use of radio frequency channels;
  • draft and/or review documents for international legal protection of frequency or channel assignments to radio electronic facilities including orbital positions of spacecraft if protection of such assignments is consistent with the ITU Radio regulations and/or international agreements;
  • work on call signs forming identification in accordance with the procedure and in the instances defined by the ITU Radio regulations;
  • review technical specifications for development and manufacturing of radio electronic facilities and/or high-frequency devices for compliance with EMC requirements.

The General Radio Frequency Centre's scope of authority:

  • Develop frequency plans for territorial deployment of radio electronic facilities;
  • Participate development of EMC rules for land and/or space radio electronic facilities, including allocation of operating radio frequencies for them (frequency-territorial separation limits);
  • Set up an integrated system for gathering, processing, recording and storing of data about frequency and channel assignments and call signs identifications and support the system's operation.